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 About Hans Chr  

About Hans Chr

Name: Hans Christian Gulsvik
Birthday: 15. April 1986
Hobbies: Pretty much whatever which can be placed in the categories of "Sports", "Creativity" or "anything with an engine".
Personal quotes: "Det gar helst godt(It always ends up good)" and "Alltid bra pa tur(When travelling, its all good!)"

I have more fun than anyone can imagine.
I am a Student of life

Type of pictures I take is most easily seen in my Gallerys on the left. Since Ive been through photography school I have pretty much studied every form of photograhy, most of them I like. But there is offcourse some things I like/are more skilled in than others. My main area would be what happens in and around Nature. But that absolutly does not rule out studio photography. Light in any type or form, artificial or natural is my game. And one of my specialities must be said to be Composites. Put together with the help of a creative mind, studio lights, photoshop and lots of planning. Any challenges? Bring em on!

Grew up on a farm in a teeny tiny town called Gulsvik in South-East of Norway. One of those places you have to move from at early age, if you wanna go to school. So, I have lived on my own since I was 16. At 18 when I got my drivers license I started to do the bigger trips towards bigger mountains and skiing adventures. Which has given me alot of experiences, and alot of my inspirations. Alot of stuff has influenced me over the years, both good and bad, which helps me to give my pictures certain expressions.

The later years I have pursued a handful of things helping me take better pictures, as well as getting me out there. Bilder Nordic School Of Photography gave me a diploma as of summer 2009. Now Im working on different angles of guiding in the backcountry, so that I and others can enjoy what the nature can give us of good times and adventures. Latest is the Heli Ski Guide Course based in Haines Alaska.